Putting Your Garden to Bed

As the summer days start to get shorter, we need to start thinking about preparing the garden for the long winter hibernation ahead. Now is the time to plan for your gardens long sleep.

Plant Maintenance:

The gardens need a final weeding as well as having the bushes trimmed, and perennials cut back. Doing this cutting in the fall has it advantages so as to have a head start in the spring. Keeping plants trimmed and perennials in order, go a long way in preserving the integrity of your landscaping.

Yard Maintenance:

Making sure the garden and lawn are leaf-free is imperative in keeping a healthy environment. Mold and fungus can form if leaves are left to layer on grass and gardens over the winter. These diseases can transfer to your plants, inhibiting growth and longevity in the following year.

Prepare your gardens for a healthy return next fall and book your garden services with NeighborScape now.

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