Outside Joy – Spring Time Part 2 – Gardens

Spring is here, or it will be any day now. If you were wondering what the next steps are for your garden, please keep reading.


The first step of prepping your garden for growth is to clear the debris that always makes it in to the garden beds over the winter. This includes twigs, garbage, leaves, and anything else that you may find. Trim bushes back, cutting out the inner older branches from near the bottom as this will allow new growth room to sprout. Don’t be afraid to trim low as your plants will come back and flourish!

If you have spring flowering bushes such as lilacs, quince, flowering almonds, be sure to wait until after flowering before trimming since they flower on last years growth, not new growth. Cut down perennials, divide if necessary. The additional perennials sections are a great way to fill in some bare spots in your garden. Don’t forget to fertilize the gardens, they need it as much as the lawn does. Be sure to till up the existing mulch and top up as necessary. Mulch helps keep in the moisture while cutting down on watering. As an added benefit, any weeds that germinate in the loose mulch will be easily removed, this makes ongoing weeding a breeze. Last but not least, Sit back and enjoy the flowering bulbs planted last fall.

If you need any help achieving these results, contact NeighborScape, we do beautiful gardens.

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