Outside Joy Spring Time Part 1: Lawns

Spring is here, or it will be any day now. If you were wondering what the first steps are for your lawn, please keep reading.


Rake up any leaves or debris that wasn’t removed in the fall. When the lawn has dried out, give it a quick rake to clear up dead and tangled grass. If this is done too soon, you will damage the roots so be sure to wait until some new growth has started. With a large property this can be a daunting task, it is important to concentrate on the areas with winter kill.

In a few weeks, when the ground warms up, it will be the time to top up damaged areas with fresh topsoil, grass seed and water. Doing it sooner will not make it grow faster….wait until the ground is warm, it will work far better! As a final step, be sure to fertilize with a slow release blend.

If you need any help to get these results, contact us, we are seasoned in prepping your lawn for optimal growth.

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