Planting Pansies

Pansies are such an amazing spring bloom! They’re hardy little guys, able to withstand spring frosts, and they bounce back even if you neglect them a bit. But did you know – up until the 19th century, most people considered pansies weeds?!

It seems just plum crazy to think anyone could look at happy little pansy faces and think, “Get rid of these dang weeds!” But, we digress.

frost-resistant pansies

Pansies come in a wide variety of bright, vibrant colours to suit any gardener’s taste, from bright white to almost pitch black and everything in between. Even if you’re more of a vegetable garden person, pansies make a perfect pop of colour during the spring months because the blossoms are edible! They can be sprinkled in salads, or are a beautiful cake topper.

You can easily grow pansies via seed. To germinate, start your pansy seeds indoors with a soilless mixture to prevent disease. Plant the seed 1/8 inch deep with a light cover and gentle watering. Pansies prefer dark and damp conditions until the shoots appear, then you can remove their covering and move to a brightly lit but cool room and begin to feed them diluted plant food.

When planting pansies, space them 6 to 10 inches apart – they’ll spread! They love the morning sun (who doesn’t!) and thrive in well-drained, fertile soil. Give them plenty of water during planting to help them adjust to the soil and grow strong roots. Mulch can help them retain moisture – and reduce weeds – real weeds. Pansies aren’t weeds, you guys.


Are you looking to upgrade your garden this spring? Maybe you’d just like some help installing mulch to protect your perfect garden’s roots. No matter the scope of your gardening project, we can help! Contact us to begin planning your garden with one of our horticulture experts.

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