5 Lawn Care Tips for Spring

A healthy summer lawn starts with lawn care in the spring. The sun is finally shining, and you are no doubt busy day-dreaming about summer barbecues and lazy weekends spent enjoying your backyard. In these daydreams, your flowers are in full bloom and your lawn is just the right shade of green. To achieve that daydream green, your lawn is likely going to need some love!

Here are 5 insider tips to help the grass grow greener on your side of the fence:

  1. Sharpen your mower blade – Before mowing your lawn for the first time this spring, make sure your mower blade is nice and sharp. If your mower blade is dull, it won’t cut the grass properly, rather it will tear the blades, making them more vulnerable to disease and browning.
  2. Set your mower higher – It may seem like a good idea to save time by cutting your grass shorter but cutting it too short can actually damage your lawn and enable weeds to take root. Letting your grass grow a little taller is conducive to a healthier lawn as the height will help the grass retain moisture and prevent drying out of the roots.
  3. Water your lawn in the morning – Make sure you water your lawn in the morning, so that the sun has time to dry the grass during the day. Watering at night leads to prolonged moisture on the blades of grass, which can, in turn, lead to certain diseases. Water your lawn less often but for a longer period. Make sure you are soaking the soil, and not just wetting the blades of grass.
  4. Fertilize – It is important to feed your lawn nutrients with a mix of fast and slow-release fertilizers. These products provide grass with much-needed nitrogen, and make for a greener, healthier lawn over time. Make sure you don’t over-feed your lawn however, as too much nitrogen will burn the grass.
  5. Aerate – Your lawn’s soil becomes compacted over time. What happens is the number of air pockets, essential for water and nutrients to make it to the roots, are reduced. This leads to browning and diseases. To prevent this issue, it is important to have your lawn aerated annually, so that it can properly absorb the nutrients it needs and continue to grow healthily.

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If you’re looking for an expert team to take on your lawn maintenance this season or if you have any questions regarding lawn care, NeighborScape is happy to help! Drop us a line at 613-692-7052 or email us at info@neighborscape.ca.

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