Top 5 Flowers to Plant this Summer

With the summer season upon us, you may think it’s too late to plant any new flowers. However, there are many species of blooms that thrive even when planted in full sunshine. We discussed which flowers would be best to plant in preparation for summer in our Summer Gardening Checklist blog, and now that summer is here, we thought it would be a good time to talk about what blooms will thrive in the heat!

Here are our top five picks for flowers you can plant in the summer:
1. Black-eyed Susan

This brightly coloured wildflower is a fan favourite, and makes a wonderful addition to any garden. Black-eyed Susan’s are tough and thrive even in direct sunshine. They are also easy to live with and will get along with all the other plants in your garden!

Black-eyed Susan Flower

2. Zinnia

Zinnia’s are both inexpensive and stunning blooms. Add a pop of bright primary colours to your garden by planting a few of these, and you will see them sprout up in a matter of weeks. Zinnia’s love sunshine, and as a bonus, attract butterflies!

Zinnia Flower

3. Aster

These rich purple flowers also occasionally sprout in pink and white. Aster’s may be dainty, but they are very resistant to the heat, in fact, they thrive in it. They are also long-lasting, which means you will be able to enjoy these soft blooms all the way to the end of fall.

Stress Relief Gardening

4. Marigold

The classic Marigold does best in summer. Marigold’s love the sunshine and are low-maintenance, high-reward. Plant Marigolds and prepare to be cheered by the site of their effusive blooms in rich oranges and warm yellows.

Marigold Flowers

5. Globe Amaranth

Another summer favourite, these cheerful little flowers resemble pom-poms and come in white, red, or purple. A hardy flower that requires very little maintenance, Globe Amaranth’s thrive in many soil types, so you can plant them wherever you like.

Globe Amaranth Flowers

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Happy gardening!

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